15 - 17 June 2022
Zurich & Dübendorf, Switzerland

Equipment Display


15 June

Zunfthaus zur Saffran
Limmatquai 54, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

Workshops & Welcome

09.00-12.00 Board of Directors meeting
13.00-16.00 DME Fundamentals Masterclass
16.30-18.00 LPG-DME Blends Workshop
18.30-20.00 Welcome reception

16 June

Überlandstrasse 129, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland


07.30-08.30 Conference registration
08.30-18.15 Conference
18.30-21.00 Reception and gala dinner

17 June

Empa & FPT Industrial Research & Development Center
8600 Dübendorf & 9320 Arbon, Switzerland

Conference & Site Visits
Dübendorf & Arbon

07.30 - 08.30 Conference registration
08.30 - 12.00 Conference
13.00 - 14.00 Site Visit 1: Empa Laboratories
15.00 - 17.00 Site Visit 2: FPT Industrial

Conference Program

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Collaboration | Strategic Industry Perspectives

Accelerating the Use of DME in the LPG Industry
Rebecca Groen
Director Sustainable Fuels
SHV Energy

Let's Talk Value, Not Molecules: Making the DME Solution Relevant in a World Searching for Answers
Rebecca Boudreaux
President & Chief Executive Officer
Oberon Fuels

From Gas Monetization to a Renewable Economy: Technical & Strategic Foundations
to Current Developments

Theo Fleisch
Chairman Emeritus
International DME Association
Methanol's Role in the Low Carbon Economy Transition
Greg Dolan
Chief Executive Officer
Methanol Institute
Facilitating the Transition to a Low Carbon Energy System with rDME
Yotaro Ohno
Director General
Japan DME Association
Perspectives on Fuels for Long-Distance Heavy-Duty Transport
Fabian Bilger
Deputy Director
Avenergy Suisse
Strategic Commecial & Policy Drivers for rDME
Ben Iosefa
Chairman Emeritus
International DME Association

Commercialization | Supply & Applications

rDME Potential in Industrial Applications: A View from Scandinavia
Thomas Edvardsen
Managing Director
Flogas Scandinavia
Delivering Blended Product to the North American Market
Douglas Dagan
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Renewable Energy
Suburban Propane

DME Production and Market Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Donna Ramjattan
Commercial Analyst
NGC Petrochemicals Limited
DME, rDME and H2 Commercialization in Korea
Wonjun Cho
Chief Executive Officer
Bio Friends

Renewable DME: Enabling the Energy Transition in North America and Beyond
Cinch Munson
Vice President, Commercial Development
Oberon Fuels
rDME Acceleration through Decentralised, Community-Scale rDME Production,
Innovation and Advocacy

Søren Jacobsen
Chief Executive Officer
Demonstrating rDME Production & Applications in India for Transport, Agriculture & Domestic Use
Anand Apte
Green Futures
Randhir Ramjattan
Production and Engineering Manager
Plant Operations
Caribbean Gas Chemical

A Manufacturer's Perspectives on Production, Supply and Markets
Ivan Kisurin
Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable Mobility | Light-, Medium- & Heavy-Duty Diesel & Autogas Applications

Philip Scarth
Head of Open Innovation
FPT Industrial
Christian Bach
Head of Laboratory
Automotive Powertrain Technologies
Patrik Soltic
Leader Powertrain R&D
rDME as a Key for Efficient and Ultra-Low Emission Heavy Duty Missions
Daniel Klein
Senior Engineer - Powertrain Products Engineering
FPT Powertrain Technologies
DME & DME Blends - Sustainable Fuels for Transport Applications
Werner Willems
Technical Expert - Sustainable Fuels Research
Ford Motor Company
The State of the Art in DME Medium-Duty Diesel Vehicles in South Korea
Ock Taeck Lim
Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Ulsan

Production | Pathways & Process Technology

Converting Renewable & Recycled Carbon Feedstock into rDME
Stefano Cocchi
Head of Business Development
Circular Fuels

Integrated DME Generating Operations - INDIGO Technology by Fraunhofer ISE
Ouda Salem
Head of Group Power to Liquids
Hydrogen Technologies
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

CO2 Utilisation for DME Production via 3D Printed Reactor and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technologies
Vesna Middelkoop
Project Coordinator

Regulation | Policy, Legislation & Specifications

Impacts of the European "Fit-for-55" Package on the Development of eFuels
Ralf Diemer
Managing Director
eFuel Alliance
European DME Standardisation Update
Klaus Lucka
Managing Director

Optional Sessions

Expertise, Education & Insight

Optional Session 1
Fundamentals Masterclass

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Optional Session 2
LPG-DME Blends Workshop

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Optional Session 3
Site Visits

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