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7th Asian DME Conference Materials

7th Asian DME Conference
Toki Messe Convention Center
Niigata, Japan
16 - 18 November 2011

More than two hundred delegates attended the 7th iteration of the Asian DME Conference, organized by the Japan DME Forum in Niigata.  In addition to two full days of conference presentations and a panel discussion, the event included a vehicle display and a number of site visits providing attendees with a comprehensive firsthand look at facilities and technology covering much of the DME value chain, from production to end-user.

The IDA held its last Board of Directors meeting of 2011 and Annual Members' meeting in Niigata on the occasion of the conference, and announced the date and location of its 5th International DME Conference in 2012.

Materials and photographs courtesy of the Japan DME Forum
Site Visits
1. Japan GTL Demonstration Test Project (Higashiko Industrial Park, Niigata)
Visit to GTL demonstration project run by consortium of six companies.
2. Fuel DME Promotion Plant (Mitsubishi Gas Chemical plant, Niigata)
Visit to Japan's first commercial DME production and distribution facility.
3. DME Filling Station
Visit to a filling station where DME is mixed with a lubricity improver before being pumped.
4. DME Boilers
Visit to two enterprises using DME-fired boilers at their plants (Sato Foods Co., Ltd. & Ichimasa Kamaboko Co. Ltd.)
5. High-Speed DME Fueling System (Yokohama LP Gas Terminal)
Visit to see a high-speed DME fueling system for use with DME vehicles.
Event Presentations


DME in Japan - Perspectives on the New Paradigm after Fukushima
Dr. Yotaro Ohno
Japan DME Forum


R&D for DME Vehicle Infrastructure and Proposal for Standardization
Mr. Hiroyuki Amemori
BioDME and DME Vehicle Promotion Committee

DME Fuel in Korea
Prof. Gye-Gyu Lim
Korea DME Association

Dominant Technology for Propylene Production (DTP) Process
Mr. Nobuyasu Chikamatsu
JGC Corporation

DME Vehicles in China
Prof. Zhen Huang
Vice Chairman
China DME Association

Synthesis of DME and Gasoline from Biomass-Derived Synthesis Gas
Mr. Ulrich Arnold
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

DME Global Activity Update
Mr. Jean-Alain Taupy
International DME Association


BioDME Feedstock & Process Considerations
Mr. Serge Randhava
Unitel Technologies


Industrial Use at Ichimasakamaboko
Mr. Kazuhito Imura
Ichimasakamaboko Co. Ltd.

The Synthesis of BioDME and Process Estimation on Economy
Mr. Tomohisa Miyazawa
Biomass Technology Research Centre
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

DME Promotion Project in Japan
Mr. Akira Ishiwada
Fuel DME Production Company

Quality Control of BioDME Produced Via Black Liquor Gasification
Mr. Olov Öhrman
Energy Technology Centre

Tests of the DME Truck in Commercial Use
Mr. Kazuya Murakawa
Niigata Unyu Co., Ltd.

Performance and Emissions of a Second Generation Biofuel - DME
Prof. David Kittelson
Center for Diesel Research
Department of Engineering
University of Minnesota

Development Status of DME Vehicle in Japan
Mr. Naoki Shimazaki
Isuzu Advanced Engineering Center Ltd.

A Study of Diesel Nozzle Tip Wear in the Fuel DME
Mr. Masaaki Kato
Denso Corporation

DME Production & Standardization in China
Mr. Xingan Yan
Senior Project Manager
ENN Group

Development of DME Engine and Related Technologies
Dr. Young Jae Lee
Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)

KOGAS DME Activities for Commercialization
Dr. Wonjon Cho
Korea Gas Corporation

Development of Fuel System and Combustion Technique for DME as an Alternative Fuel
Mr. Soo-Jin Jeong
Korea Automotive Technology Institute

Current Status of DME as Fuel in Indonesia
Mr. Unggul Priyanto
Deputy to Chairman for Information, Energy, and Material Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology 
Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT)
The Experimental Study of Emission Characteristic and Fuel Economy for the Heavy-Duty DME Bus
Mr. Yong-Il Oh
Ulsan University

Solving Ulaanbaatar Air Pollution Disaster -
A DME Solution

Mr. Munkhtur Togooch

Effects of Pilot Injection Strategies on Spray Visualization and Combustion in a Diret Injection Compression Ignition Engine Using DME and Diesel
Mr. Jae-Hoon Jeong
Ulsan University
What Place for DME in the Energy Matrix?
Mr. Vincent Dabas
Asset Manager
Coal and Biomass Conversion
Investigation of Combustion Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fueled with DME-Biodiesel Blends
Mr. Xinqi Qiao
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
BioDME - From Wood to Wheel
Mr. Per Salomonsson
Project Manager
BioDME Project
Low-Temperature Ignition of DME-Air Mixture in a Straight Heated Tube Reactor
Mr. Jian Gao
Hokkaido University

Alcohol  (Spirit) and Ether as Marine Fuel (SPIRETH) Project
Mr. Ben Iosefa
Director, Energy Applications


Low NOx Combustion of DME by Exhaust Gas Recirculation Under High Pressure
Mr. Hiroaki Takeuchi
Kansai University
North American Affairs and R & D Committee Updates
Prof. André Boehman
Professor of Fuel Science
The Pennsylvania State University
Dewatering and Deoiling Technology
Mr. Hideki Kanda
Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Methanol and DME - Key Petrochemicals for Tomorrow's World
Mr. Leo Wirawan
Methanol Market Services (MMSA)
Hydrogen Production by DME Reforming Over Copper Catalysts Prepared Using the Sol-Gel Method
Dr. Kaoru Takeishi
Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Shizuoka University
DME Standardization, Regulation, and Safety Recommendations
Mr. François Bollon
International DME Association
Mechanistic Study of CO2 Reforming of DME Over Cu-Based Hybrid Catalyst for Low-Temperature Waste Heat Recovery
Mr. Kenji Asami
The University of Kitakyushu
Effect of Fuel Impurities on DME Powered Diesel Engine System
Mr. Mitsuharu Oguma
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Applicability of Dimethyl Ether to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - Reforming and Cell Performance in Anode Off-Gas Recyle
Mr. Yohei Tanaka
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)


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