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Industry Events

ORYX GTL site visit | NGCS 10 Doha

12th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium (NGCS 12)
2 - 6 June 2019

Grand Hyatt
San Antonio, Texas

The triennial Natural Gas Conversion Symposium has been bringing together the world's leaders in natural gas conversion for more than three decades to share information on the latest trends in research and technology development in these fields. The next edition of this long-running symposia series, NGCS 12, will include senior members of the scientific, academic, research and industry communities, and numerous papers on DME synthesis and applications.

Plenary speakers include ExxonMobil Vice President of Research & Development Dr. Vijay Swarup and Dow Chemical Company Vice President of Research & Development Dr. Bob Maughon.

EFI site visit | Kiewit Fabrication and Module Facility

Sustainable Pathways to Syngas, Fuels and Chemicals Forum
12 - 13 June 2019

Calgary, Alberta

With support this year from the Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA) and taking place within one of the largest energy events in North America, EFI's forum addresses an increasing interest within the sector in downstream technologies enabling a shift to low-carbon, low-emission, feedstock monetization strategies, many of which involve renewable methanol and DME. Topics covered will range from waste-, CO2- and biomass-to-energy, to project development opportunities being pursued against a backdrop of volatile oil and natural gas prices and increasing regulatory incentives for sustainable energy.

12th International Colloquium Fuels
25 - 26 June 2019
Technische Akademie Eslingen

Vice-Chair of the DIN Workgroup for DME standards Dr. Klaus Lucka of TEC4FUELS will give a presentation on DME standardization efforts now underway in Europe at this year's edition of the prestigious gathering of scientific and technical representatives from engine manufacturers, fuel, and energy producers. The colloquium program focuses on realistic technical solutions involving advanced fuels and alternative energy carriers, to include reverse compatibility approaches for existing vehicle fleets, to support the transition towards sustainable mobility.

Event website

Previous Events and Speaking Engagements

DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop
May 2019
Landesvertretung NRW

A second edition of the industry workshop took place the day following the final meeting of the xME Project led by Ford with members of Germany's leading engine technology research consortium the FVV, included the display and demonstration of the world's first DME-powered passenger vehicle (Ford Mondeo) built by an OEM. The program included updates from stakeholders representing powertrain, fuel, power and equipment producers, about the collaborative commercial, technical and regulatory efforts underway related to DME fuel applications, along with information about new specifications now being developed.

Content available online to IDA members

International Vienna Motor Symposium | 2018

International Vienna Motor Symposium

May 2019
Hofburg Conference Center

Dr. Werner Willems of Ford gave a presentation on the exciting findings from the just-completed xME Project at this year's sold-out edition of one of the world's most prestigious powertrain events. The annual symposium and technical exhibition, organized by the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers, attracts more than one thousand decision-makers from the global automotive engineering industry to hear about the latest developments in engine development, renewable fuels, CO2 reduction and new legislation, among many topics covered.

World Bank headquarters | Washington, DC

World Bank Energy Week
EFI Emerging Technologies & Policy Forum
March 2019
The World Bank
Washington, DC

A special program made at the invitation of the World Bank's Energy and Extractives Global Practice for its annual Energy Week included several talks on DME and its relevance in local solutions to fundamental global issues related to energy demand, resource utilization, waste and sustainability, emissions, air quality and access to power and fuel.

WMI DME-diesel genset demonstration

8th International DME Conference (DME 8)

September 2018
Hyatt Regency Sacramento
Sacramento, California

The eighth international industry conference took place in the California state capital, where legislative and regulatory efforts are facilitating the introduction of sustainable alternative fuels including DME. The event featured an international conference incorporating commercial and technical sessions, with an emphasis on emerging opportunities for DME to address increasing demands - in Europe, California and other major markets - for sustainable, low-carbon, low--emission mobility and power; workshops on DME powertrain, fire code and component standardization initiatives; demonstration of a DME-diesel genset; and recognition of the important work being done by Ford and Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, both honored with the industry's DME Clean Fuel Achievement Award.

Content available online to IDA members

Briefing by IDA Executive Director Christopher Kidder

CIS Gas Monetisation Conference
April 2018
Four Seasons Hotel

In a year that saw the inauguration of two DME production plants in the CIS region, DME was represented at the annual conference exploring gas conversion, utilisation and monetisation options, with an emphasis on the regional specifics of the CIS.

The region is anticipated to be home to some of the world's largest gas and petrochemical projects in the coming years, and high-value gas monetisation options, including methanol and derivatives, and the sustainable development of fuel and chemical infrastructure are hot topics.

Global Powertrain R&A Engineering Director Andreas Schamel briefs Workshop guests at Ford's Research & Innovation Center

DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop

March 2018
Ford Research and Innovation Center
Aachen, Germany

Amidst growing calls for government and industry action to tackle poor air quality and GHG emissions, cities and countries around the world are increasingly proposing restrictions or bans on diesel and compression-ignition engines, encouraging a switch to electric vehicles, and emphasizing sustainability as a fundamental requirement for future mobility solutions.

A one-day invitation only workshop at Ford Motor Company's European Research and Innovation Center brought together representatives from across the automotive and fuel industries to speak directly with those stakeholders most involved in mobility-related DME projects worldwide, to share perspectives, and to discuss the opportunities and business case that DME presents for sustainable, ultra-low emission transportation.

Content available online to IDA members

4th International Engine Congress

Kongresshaus Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden, Germany

The 4th edition of this event and the accompanying trade exhibition included parallel sessions on commercial and passenger vehicle engine technology and new and alternative fuels, with presentations by IDA members Volvo Group Trucks Technology (Patrick Klintbom) and Ford (Werner Willems).

Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit

April 2015
Grand Hyatt New York
New York

Bloomberg New Energy Finance's Summit is an invitation-only gathering of 1,000 senior executives, investors, and policy makers from a diverse range of sectors who are driving the transition to cleaner energy.  Among the more than 100 speakers and panel members on the program at the sold-out 2015 event were UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, former US Vice President Al Gore, UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael Bloomberg, and Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford.

DME was a topic featured on the program agenda, with both Rebecca Boudreaux of Oberon Fuels and Frank Bio of Volvo participating on a panel at the event.

Moderator Dan Reicher with panel members Stefan Heck,
David Danielson, Theo Fleisch and Denny Slagle

Vail Global Energy Forum

March 2014
Vilar Performing Arts Center
Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Vail Global Energy Forum included presentations on DME by IDA members including Dennis Slagle, Volvo Group Executive Vice President Trucks Sales & Marketing Americas, IDA Chairman Emeritus Theo Fleisch, and Oberon Fuels President Rebecca Boudreaux.

Organized by Stanford's Precourt Institute for Energy in conjuction with the Vail Valley Foundation, the Forum brings influential leaders from government, academia and industry together to discuss important developments, technology, policy, and enabling factors related to increasingly green, secure and affordable ways to meet global energy needs.

Speakers at the event included:

- Arun Majumdar, Google's VP Energy & founding director of ARPA-E 
John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

- George Schultz, former US Secretary of State

- Dennis Beal, Vice President Global Vehicles, FedEx Express
Jeffrey Bingaman, former chairman, US Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee
- Jim Brown, President, Western Hemisphere, Halliburton






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