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About the IDA

The International DME Association (the IDA) serves as the global voice for the DME industry, and works to promote the use of DME in a variety of applications worldwide, to gather and communicate authoritative information about DME, and to coordinate international DME activities and initiatives.

Established in 2001, the Association unites those companies most active in the development of DME worldwide, with members from every sector of the industry representing a wide range of interests within both the upstream and downstream value chains.

The IDA has a global membership of companies, institutions and individuals from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia and Europe, involved in the production, distribution and use of DME, and in the research and development of technologies related to its use.

IDA members benefit from access to authoritative and up-to-date information from key stakeholders and knowledgeable industry participants, and several opportunities a year to participate in conferences, workshops or meetings with industry and technical experts from this rapidly growing industry.

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BioDME production plant site visit
PiteŚ, Sweden

6th International DME Conference
San Diego, California 

IDA, Methanol Institute and World LP
Gas Association leadership at IDA Board meeting
London, England



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