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DME Briefing Series

A free monthly online series featuring industry stakeholders, project & technology developers and experts


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Tuesday 30 May 2023

11.00 - 12.00 Eastern / 17.00 - 18.00 CEST

Propane + DME: Positioning for Interest & Long-Term Growth

Are there opportunities for propane/LPG suppliers worldwide to work with DME producers and project developers to improve the overall market position and interest in their traditional fuel long into the future? Join an industry expert for an exploration of the synergies between propane/LPG and DME being pursued and exploited, and the low carbon opportunities being developed by industry members.

Larry Osgood

Tuesday 27 June 2023

11.00 - 12.00 Eastern / 17.00 - 18.00 CEST

DME and Autogas - Technology and Performance Perspectives

A comprehensive overview by European alternative fuel system company ProGas on the conversion, use and performance of spark ignition automotive engines enabled for use with LPG-DME blends. ProGas has extensive experience with aftermarket Autogas conversions using equipment from a variety of well-known international suppliers, and has served as a source of data and practical guidance on DME's use in existing vehicles based on the company's own demonstrations and evaluations.

Alexander Pokormiako
Technical Director

Previous Editions

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EU Policy Briefing

The EU's plan to address challenges involving climate change and environmental degradation include an ambitious transition to low-carbon, low-emission fuel and energy sources that are practical, sustainable and resource-efficient. Two senior advisors involved in the IDA's advocacy efforts provide a comprehensive update on the EU policy and regulatory landscape as it relates to DME, and insight into the opportunities and impacts these present to DME, methanol and LPG industry members.

Flogas Delivers First Renewable DME to Customer

Flogas Scandinavia's first delivery of renewable DME to customer Björneborg Steel marks the beginning of a campaign enabling the client to implement its plan for climate neutral production by 2026. The briefing provides an overview of the operational aspects of DME supply, and preparations for a storage and blending facility to enable the scale up of LPG-DME blends supply to customers.

The Renewable DME Project Development Landscape in North America

A look back at lessons learned in a major renewable DME production and vehicle demonstration study sponsored by a group including the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Gas Technology Institute and the Volvo Group, along with perspectives on the current landscape for project development in North America.

Launch of DME Fuel Injector for Commercial Vehicle Powertrains

Stanadyne's recent launch of a multipurpose fuel injector for DME, CNG and Hydrogen applications at the Detroit Motor Show reflects the increasing demand in the transportation market for practical near-term solutions enabling low-emission gaseous fuels to be introduced in medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrains.

US & European DME Standardization Update

With the necessary work required for the DME DIN standard completed in 2022, efforts are now concentrated within the CEN Working Group responsible for liquid gas matters, and cooperation established with the ASTM DME Working Group in the US. Data on DME's potential to substantially reduce criteria and well-to-wheel emissions in light- and medium-duty vehicles is presented.

Perspectives on DME's Present and Future Role in the Aerosol Industry

LPG market developments, directives regulating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions, and efforts to reduce the industry's carbon footprint have an increasing impact on members of DME's largest commercial non-fuel market. DME's properties offer numerous advantages over more frequently used propellants, providing a viable pathway towards addressing these challenges.

Renewable DME Opportunities in the Natural Gas Utility Sector

A strategic look by ARPA-E Program Director Jack Lewnard at the compelling case for DME's incorporation into strategies for sustainability, defossilization and market growth by natural gas utilities.

Delivering rDME to the Customer

An update on preparations for delivery of rDME and rDME+Propane blends to customers in North America by the company working with Oberon Fuels, producer of the first-ever rDME the United States.

Direct Renewable DME and Renewable Methanol Synthesis from Industrial CO2 Emissions

Following the commissioning this year of the company's 200 TYP demonstration plant, RealCarbonTech has plans for commercial deployment of its simplified, single-step conversion process using captured CO2 emissions to produce methanol or DME.

DME, rDME+ LPG Blending, and LPG's Role in Decarbonizing Transportation

A look at the three markets being pursued for rDME, the pathways to defossilization being enabled for the LPG industry, and the lifecycle analyses for carbon intensity and vehicle emissions.

Decentralized, Community-Scale Renewable DME Production from Biomass and Waste

A briefing by two senior executives behind the joint venture and multimillion GBP£ investment in a new company, Circular Fuels Ltd., that will enable the development of production plants worldwide converting renewable and recycled carbon feedstock to rDME.

Unwrapping the European Green Deal - The EU's Climate Ambitions and DME
27 May 2021

An overview of the EU policy and regulatory landscape as it relates to DME, and insight into the opportunities and impacts these present to the rDME, methanol and LPG industries, by a senior advisor involved in the IDA's current advocacy and engagement efforts with EU officials.

The EU's plan to address challenges involving climate change and environmental degradation include an ambitious transition to low-carbon, low-emission fuel and energy sources that are practical, sustainable and resource-efficient, and that establish the EU as a global standard-setter. Initiatives and legislation including a European Green Deal, Directives for Renewable Energy, Alternative Fuels, Infrastructure, Buildings Performance and Taxation, and new CO2 emission performance standards for cars and vans all present significant opportunities for low-carbon alternative fuels such as rDME.

Renewable Methanol and rDME Production Technology Brief
11 February 2021
A briefing by two contributing authors to the joint report just published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Methanol Institute, along with an update from Oberon Fuels on its production of the first rDME in the United States

In his role as Chief Technology Officer of Chemrec, Ingvar Landälv led production of the world's first rDME at the company's plant in Piteå, Sweden, fuel used in heavy-duty vehicle applications as part of the BioDME project. Oberon Fuels has recently upgraded its existing DME pilot plant to demonstration scale to enable the first production of rDME in the US, with a target production capacity of 1.6 million gallons per year.

The IRENA/MI publication - Innovation Outlook: Renewable Methanol - builds upon IRENA's 2013 report on the subject, with a focus on the production of renewable methanol and rDME via both biogas/biomass gasification routes as well as from green hydrogen generated from renewable electricity and CO2 capture/use. The report is being shared with policy leaders and energy system modelers from 161 IRENA member states, and to inform high-level policy discussions on low-carbon options for hard to abate sectors.

DME Production, Supply and Market Perspectives
10 December 2020
Insights on the process technology, production routes, supply and markets - existing and potential - for DME from companies with commercial operations and distribution in major markets for a variety of applications

Process technology and catalyst supplier Haldor Topsoe's recent agreement with Air Products expands the ability of the two industry leaders to develop large-scale methanol and DME projects around the world. Aerosolex is Europe's newest DME producer, supplying customers with DME produced using the company's proprietary synthesis technology.

DME Fueling Infrastructure and Onboard Fuel System Component Standards
3 December 2020
A comprehensive overview of current equipment and specifications for DME fueling, and the status of new standards for onboard fuel system components

Updates by executives from two of the companies leading the provision of equipment and standards for DME fueling systems and onboard fuel system components. The Cavagna Group, an international leader in the manufacture of LPG and related Autogas equipment, leads the ISO Workgroup responsible for the issuance of standards for onboard DME fuel system components and provided an update on the status of the ISO standardization process. Parafour Innovations has provided DME dispensing equipment for numerous DME vehicle demonstrations by global powertrain manufacturers, and has deep expertise in the equipment, specifications and legislation relevant to DME fuel applications.

DME's Potential for Emission Reduction Over a Wide Range of Heavy-Duty Applications
19 November 2020
Data and insights from a global leader in powertrain design and manufacture on DME performance, emissions and efficiency in a heavy-duty engine

A first report on results from evaluation underway at FPT (part of CNH Industrial) of DME in a selection of its diesel engine range, and perspectives on DME's potential for on and off road applications. CNH brands were pioneers in the use of natural gas and biomethane for transport, with IVECO being the first manufacturer to offer a full range of natural gas models from light- to heavy-duty vehicles and buses. The group is an international leader in the design, production and sale of agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses and specialty vehicles, in addition to a broad portfolio of powertrain applications, and has large-scale R&D development activities for alternative fuel engines.

LPG Industry Perspectives on rDME Opportunities
12 November 2020
Insights into the strategic opportunities being explored as global developments related to renewable DME gain pace

Industry insight into opportunities presented by rDME for significant contributions to defossilize vital off-grid energy and applications including transportation, heating, cooking and industrial processes. Recent news including the significant investments in an rDME producer by one of the largest propane companies in North America and the signing into law of a bill enabling the sale and adoption of rDME/propane fuel blends by fleets in one of the world's largest alternative fuel markets both provide excellent examples of the opportunities being defined and the investments being made in two fuels whose many synergies make a compelling business case for numerous applications.

Powertrain Industry Perspectives on the DME Opportunity for Sustainable Mobility
5 November 2020
An update on projects demonstrating DME's potential to help achieve current and long-term air-quality and GHG-reduction objectives

Updates on DME-related activities within the Ford Motor Company along with information on the status of projects related to energy transition in the transport sector in Europe. Current data on DME's potential to substantially reduce criteria and well-to-wheel emissions in light- and medium-duty vehicles was presented, along with an update on major initiatives now underway including the C3 Mobility project, and DME DIN and CEN standardization.

rDME as a Pathway to Zero-Emission Mobility and Carbon Neutrality - California Update
22 October 2020
Briefings by the Chief Executive Officers of Oberon Fuels and Suburban Propane on commercialization of the first renewable DME (rDME) in the US

An update on three key factors in the introduction of rDME into one of the world's largest alternative fuel markets. First, details on an expansion to Oberon's plant and the rDME demonstration project funded in part by the California Energy Commission; second, the impact of the deal announced last month between Oberon Fuels and NYSE-listed Suburban Propane; and third, the signing into law last month by the Governor of California of a bill that removes barriers to the sale and adoption of rDME/propane fuel blends by fleets across the state.

Current Advances in Renewable DME & Methanol Synthesis
15 October 2020
Briefings from two major European projects demonstrating innovative production pathways for renewable methanol and DME

Data and insights for industry from the just-completed FLEDGED project into the technical, techno-economic and strategic potential of new production routes for rDME and green methanol, along with an update on the FReSMe project demonstration now underway involving CRI, Tata Steel and SSAB, of a process enabling CO2 captured from steel manufacturing for the production of renewable methanol.