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15 - 17 June 2022
Zurich & Dübendorf, Switzerland

Site Visits

Site Visit 1
Empa Automotive Powertrain Technologies Laboratory
Friday, 17 June
13.00 - 14.00

Together with FPT Industrial, Politecnico di Milano, Motorex and other partners, Empa has been involved in research involving DME's use in heavy-duty diesel engines. The research, supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, has provided sound data on the combustion process, efficiency and environmental impact of DME in the commercial vehicle sector. The site visit includes a guided tour of the DME engine test bench, along with research areas involved in hydrogen production, direct air capture, methanation and other advanced energy areas.


Site Visit 2
FPT Industrial Research & Development Centre
Friday, 17 June
15.00 - 1700

FPT Industrial has seven research and development centres around the world, located in Europe (France, Italy and Switzerland), China, the United States, and Brazil, comprising more than 140 test cells. The Arbon facility serves as the excellence centre for advanced technologies and base engines development. The company's most popular long haul engine, the Cursor 11, is one engine that has been used in FPT Industrial's DME evaluation, with a focus on efficiency, emissions and exhaust aftertreatment.


The Details

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