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Media Archive

DME as a Diesel Alternative in North America
Special Focus: Clean Fuels
Hydrocarbon Processing | February 2017

Walk This Way: NYC Agrees to Run DME in New Fuels Trial
Biofuels Digest | 15 January 2017

Mack Partners with New York City Department of Sanitation, Oberon Fuels for DME Truck Demo
Mack Trucks | 12 January 2017

Alt-Fuel Build-Out Paves Way for Trucks Powered by Natural Gas, DME
Transport Topics | 25 July 2016

DME: The Answer to Australia's Unquenchable Appetite for Diesel?
The Guardian | 8 August 2016

NYC to Test Dimethyl Ether in Mack Truck
Hard Working Trucks | 15 July 2016


DME - A Promising Clean Diesel Replacement
Downstream Business | June 2016


DME Technology Advances Provide Clean Alternative to Diesel
Gas Processing News | June 2016


Dimethyl Ether: Its Role in Meeting Canada's Resource Development and Environmental Objectives
Geopolitics of Energy | May-June 2016
(reprint courtesy of CERI's Geopolitics of Energy - send subscription requests to info@ceri.org)


New Ether-Based Fuels Could Give Diesel a Second Chance and Slash Emissions Too 
Engine Technology International | March 2016


Will Global Interest Spur DME Adoption in North America?
Truckinginfo | January 2016