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Simple, Sustainable, Available, Ultra-Low Emission
Infrastructure Compatible Fuel

With its quiet, sootless combustion, ultra-low emissions, high cetane, inexpensive LPG-compatible equipment and logistics and high energy density, DME offers an array of pathways to sustainable and zero-emission energy for a wide range of applications




Energy Carrier

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Meet the Experts
Insight into key drivers behind current interest and investments, covering fundamental questions about DME production, handling and applications


rDME Infographics
Quick-reference guides to the significant opportunities renewable DME (rDME) offers for defossilization and the creation of local, circular economy value chains


Origin Stories
The BioDME Project
The significant investment, exhaustive research and extensive on-road evaluations done by an industry consortium led by Volvo bring into focus the compelling case for DME, the lowest well-to-wheel GHG emission fuel.


DME Briefing Series
A free online series provides an excellent opportunity to learn and stay informed about current developments related to DME production, specifications, technology, logistics, components and LPG blending for all applications.


Latest News

FPT Industrial Leads New DME Heavy-Duty Engine Project

21 January 2021
Global powertrain manufacturer FPT Industrial has announced that it will lead a project looking at DME's use as a diesel alternative in the industrial goods sector.


Commercial Operations Commence at First New Large-Scale DME Plant in the Americas
19 January 2021
Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited's plant, with an annual production capacity of one million tons of methanol and 20,000 tons of DME, is the first downstream plant in the country producing and utilizing methanol as a raw material.


DME Plans Progress in Indonesia

January 2021
The Indonesian government has announced the preparation of incentives to promote development of DME production in the country, in a move to reduce dependence on LPG imports.


California Governor Signs into Law a
Bill Removing Barrier to Fleet Adoption of DME

24 September 2020 |
California Governor Gavin Newsom today signed into law AB 2663, effectively lowering the tax rate on DME to parity with other alternative fuels.

Suburban Propane Announces Deal to Acquire Stake in Oberon Fuels; Further Investments in Renewable DME
17 September 2020 |
One of the three largest retail propane companies in the US, NYSE-listed Suburban Propane, has announced a deal to purchase a stake in Oberon Fuels, the first producer of fuel grade DME in North America

Oberon Fuels Awarded Grant by State of California for First-Ever Production of Renewable DME in the US

13 June 2019 |
The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded a $2.9 million grant to Oberon Fuels for a multi-phase project to produce the first renewable DME (rDME) in the US.

Mobility photo © 2017 Ron Jautz
Power photo courtesy MAN

Ford DME Passenger Car Demonstrator and Project Results Revealed

BERLIN, 24 May 2019 | Results of the three-year xME Diesel Project presented to the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and delegates attending the DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop in Berlin demonstrate the significant reductions in CO2 and criteria emissions able to be achieved with DME in conventional compression ignition engines. The events included the display and demonstration of the world's first OEM-built DME passenger car, a 1.5 liter Ford Fusion/Mondeo.

Shell Joins Advanced Waste-to-Fuels & Chemicals Project

AMSTERDAM, 1 March 2019 | The industry consortium behind Europe's first advanced waste-to-chemicals and fuels facility has announced that Shell will join as a partner in the project. Shell joins Air Liquide, Enerkem, Nouryon and the Port of Rotterdam as an equity partner in the commercial-scale waste-to-chemicals (W2C) project, the first in Europe to convert non-recyclable waste into valuable biofuels and chemicals including DME.

Air Products and Chemicals, Pertamina and Bukit Asam Announce DME Joint Venture

JAKARTA, 16 January 2019 | Indonesian state-owned energy companies Pertamina and Bukit Asam have signed an agreement with Air Products and Chemicals for the establishment of a joint venture enabling the large-scale production of fuel-grade DME for domestic applications in the country, beginning in 2022.

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