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Renewable & Recycled Carbon DME Brochure

A helpful brochure published this quarter by Liquid Gas Europe outlining the practical contributions offered by renewable and recycled carbon DME to meet climate and energy targets in Europe and elsewhere.


DME Executives Included in 2023 Bioeconomy 500

Dimeta  Business Development Director Luca Vailati and Oberon Fuels CEO Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux have been recognized for their leadership and contributions in this year's Bioeconomy 500, a list honoring the most innovative and transformative leaders in the advanced bioeconomy.


DME Briefing Series
Wednesday, 28 June

A comprehensive overview of the technology, conversion, use and performance of spark ignition automotive engines enabled for use with LPG-DME blends.


Renewable DME Fact Sheets

A series of quick-reference guides to the significant opportunities renewable DME offers for defossilization and the creation of local, circular economy value chains.


Suburban Propane Expands Renewable Energy Investments

Suburban's recent acquisition of renewable natural gas (RNG) assets provides an opportunity for synergies with the company's existing investments in rDME and hydrogen.


DME 10
Coming Soon

The industry's flagship international conference will provide an opportunity to hear from stakeholders driving commercial developments and to see firsthand the process technology, infrastructure and vehicles involved in the production, delivery and use of renewable DME.

Renewable DME - Defossilizing the LPG Industry

An excellent primer on renewable DME and an informative overview of the steps being taken and investments made by industry leaders to defossilize the LPG industry.


Dimeta Pushes Ahead with Renewable DME Projects

Dimeta provided a comprehensive overview of the company's projects and plans to Argus Media, including details about its first production plant, and new ventures and initiatives in Europe and North America.


Origin Story -
The BioDME Project

The significant investment, exhaustive research and extensive on-road evaluations done by an industry consortium led by Volvo bring into focus the compelling case for DME, the lowest well-to-wheel GHG emission fuel.


25 July 2023
Dimeta and Enerkem Collaborate on Large Scale Waste-to-DME Projects in Europe and the United States

Enerkem, the first company in the world to produce bio-methanol from mixed waste at commercial scale, and Dimeta, a joint venture between the two of the largest off-grid energy suppliers, have announced they that are initiating feasibility studies for the development of two large scale projects that will convert waste into renewable and recycled carbon dimethyl ether (DME).


29 March 2023
DCC Energy and Oberon Fuels Partner to Increase Renewable DME Production

DCC Energy has partnered with Oberon Fuels to advance the design, construction and operation of multiple renewable DME production plants in Europe. Oberon will construct and operate the production facilities, and DCC Energy will commit to buying Oberon’s renewable DME as an offtake partner for supply to customers.


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