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DME is an ultra low-emission, non-toxic fuel produced from both renewable and fossil resources that is stored and handled in the same manner as LPG. DME's quiet, sootless combustion, high cetane rating, low emissions, as well as its inexpensive LPG-like fueling system, make it an excellent diesel alternative able to meet strict emissions standards. Significant market, commercial, and regulatory developments worldwide are driving DME's introduction as an ultra-clean fuel for a variety of applications.

The IDA serves as the global voice for the DME industry, and works to promote the use of DME as a clean alternative fuel worldwide, to gather and communicate authoritative information about DME, and to coordinate relevant international activities and initiatives. The IDA has a global membership of companies, institutions, and individuals at the vanguard of industry developments, representing a wide range of interests within both the upstream and downstream value chains.

Recommended Reading

Meet the Experts
Those most involved in DME's commercialization provide insight into what is driving interest in DME worldwide


LPG Industry Leads Component Standardization Effort


A Strategic Partnership agreement with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and involvement by industry representatives in DME initiatives reflect interest by propane/LPG distributors, equipment and infrastructure manufacturers and project developers in the opportunities presented to the industry globally by the introduction of DME as a fuel.


DME Production

Watch video below to learn more about how DME can be produced from abundant feedstocks and used as an ultra-low emission alternative to diesel

DME Demonstrator Vehicle Demonstration in Berlin

The second edition of the DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop, taking place May 24th in Berlin, will include the display and demonstration of the world's first DME-powered passenger vehicles built by an OEM.

California Hosts Showcase of DME Investments

10 September 2018 | Investments, project and technology development related to DME in a variety of applications were presented by industry stakeholders at this year's international flagship DME event in Sacramento, from 10 - 12 September. Executives from global industry leaders including Ford, Westport, Volvo, SHV Energy, Methanex, Nexant and Enerkem joined representatives from the California regulatory agencies responsible for that state's global leadership in the pursuance of deep reductions of greenhouse gas and vehicle emissions, and the introduction of sustainable low-carbon mobility and energy.

DME Vehicle Conversion Development Opens Pathways to Large-Scale Demonstrations

19 March 2018 | The development of DME conversion systems by a global alternative fuel equipment manufacturer promises to open the door to large-scale demonstrations of light-, medium- and heavy-duty DME vehicles. At an industry workshop held at Ford's European Research and Innovation Center in Germany, Westport Fuel Systems subsidiary Prins Alternative Fuel Systems revealed that it is developing DME conversion systems using innovations created by the company for the LPG/propane autogas market, with various concepts produced for light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The systems and components, designed to work seamlessly with current automotive technology, will facilitate widespread application by powertrain manufacturers and fleets interested in moving forward with their own demonstrations.


Alberta Government Funds DME Project

9 November 2017 | A project partnership involving the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Mack Trucks, Westcan Bulk Transport, and Oberon Fuels has announced a project to develop and demonstrate technology for use in the fuel system of heavy-duty DME trucks. The project, supported by funding from Alberta's Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, will involve the development of technology by researchers at NAIT, who plan to test the technology using Mack trucks from Westcan's fleet running on the highway corridor between Calgary and Edmonton.


New York City Reports on World's First DME Mack Truck Customer Demonstration

2 October 2017 | This year the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) became the first Mack customer in the world to evaluate DME in its fleet in a demonstration done in collaboration with Mack Trucksand Oberon Fuels.

"The DSNY was honored and proud to be the first fleet to pilot-test Mack Truck's first DME-powered truck in North America" said Spiro Kattan, Deputy Director of the DSNY's bureau of Motor Equipment. Performed over a period of three months in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures, the evaluation included more than 900 miles (>1,400 kilometers) of driving in a variety of conditions, both loaded (56,500 lbs. / 25,628 kgs.) and unloaded. The demonstration is the first step in the city's evaluation of both DME trucks and DME fuel in the city's waste management fleet, one of the largest in the world.


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