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15 - 17 June 2022
Zurich & Dübendorf, Switzerland


Workshop 1
DME Fundamentals Masterclass
Wednesday, 15 June
13.00 - 16.00

The DME Masterclass provides an opportunity for industry professionals to quickly get up-to-speed on fundamental topics related to DME production pathways, technology, infrastructure, applications and commercialization, and to derive maximum benefit from presentations given at the 9th International DME Conference that week.

The small-group format and focused attention from an expert industry veteran provides a valuable forum for learning and to better evaluate the opportunities being pursued in a variety of areas: from the economic and strategic drivers related to the monetization and use of feedstocks including natural gas, biomass, coal, waste and CO2, to fuel applications for transportation (diesel replacement and autogas), industrial heating, power generation, and blended with LPG/propane.

The Masterclass's authors are two of the world's leading experts on DME, whose experience was gained from extensive involvement in the early development of both the industry and the industry association representing its interests.

Course Description

The course will help bring participants up to speed on the fundamentals of DME, and covers a comprehensive range of topics necessary to anyone interested in understanding the drivers behind current developments in numerous markets, in particular:

  • Executives and staff from companies with DME-related interests or investments, performing due diligence on potential opportunities, and those involved in the methanol, LPG/propane, powertrain and alternative fuel markets;
  • Those involved in industry segments within the DME value chain or related to significant current developments (e.g. powertrain manufacturers, automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers; methanol; LPG; biogas...;
  • Consultants and advisors providing clients with information, due diligence and guidance related to alternative fuels and the ramifications of emerging regulation related to vehicle and industrial emissions, air quality, sustainability and carbon intensity;
  • Analysts, strategists, scenario planners, researchers and journalists interested in covering industry developments

    The Details

    Participation: Participation in the DME Fundamentals Masterclass is an option available to DME 9 delegates, and is not included in the conference registration.

    Registration: Registration for the Masterclass can be selected during the online DME 9 registration process.

    Cost: The fee for the Masterclass is US $300 (~€285/~CHF 295) and includes attendance, refreshments and all available course materials.

      Masterclass authors Dr. Theo Fleisch and Dr. Ron Sills

      Key Topics Covered

      - Background & market development
      - Production routes: direct and indirect
      - DME vs other alternative fuels
      - Applications: fuel & non-fuel
      - Handling, storage & distribution
      - Policy & regulatory landscape
      - Key market drivers
      - Health, safety & environment

      DME Fundamentals Masterclass
      DME 7 Houston

      Workshop 2
      LPG-DME Blends Workshop
      Wednesday, 15 June
      16.30 - 18.00

      The LPG-DME Blends Workshop provides recent, authoritative information and insight from LPG and DME industry stakeholders to inform and support DME-readiness across numerous industry areas. The Workshop presents an excellent opportunity for LPG industry members, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, appliances and components to understand where the industry stands with important topics related to codes, standards, safety, research, production and commercialization.

      The Workshop is led by executives from companies and organizations with projects and initiatives now underway in areas including blending, supply, demonstration, safety, technology, equipment and components, and provides an unprecedented opportunity to hear directly from numerous stakeholders leading these developments, and to build and expand your network with others involved in these fast moving industry areas.

      The Details

      Participation: Participation in the LPG-DME Blends Workshop is an option available to DME 9 delegates.

      Registration: Registration for the LPG-DME Blends Workshop can be selected during the online DME 9 registration process.

      Cost: There is no cost to attend the Workshop.

      IDA LPG-rDME Blends Briefing
      2022 NPGA Southeastern Conference & Propane Expo

      Key Topics Covered

      - Codes & standards
      - Regulatory perspectives
      - Material compatibility
      - Equipment & appliance compatibility
      - Storage, handling and distribution
      - Commercial perspectives
      - R&D perspectives