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Simple, Sustainable, Available, Ultra-Low Emission
Infrastructure Compatible Fuel

With its quiet, sootless combustion, ultra-low emissions, high cetane, inexpensive LPG-compatible equipment and logistics
and high energy density, DME offers an array of pathways to sustainable and zero-emission energy for a wide range of applications




Energy Carrier

Good Reads

rDME - Defossilizing the LPG Industry
An excellent primer on rDME, and an informative overview of the steps being taken and investments made by industry leaders to defossilize the LPG industry.


rDME Fact Sheets

A series of quick-reference guides to the significant opportunities renewable DME (rDME) offers for defossilization and the creation of local, circular economy value chains


Origin Stories
The BioDME Project
The significant investment, exhaustive research and extensive on-road evaluations done by an industry consortium led by Volvo bring into focus the compelling case for DME, the lowest well-to-wheel GHG emission fuel.

Meet the Experts
Insight into key drivers behind current interest and investments, covering fundamental questions about DME production, handling and applications


Stakeholder Stories

DCC LPG Joins the IDA
The IDA is delighted to welcome DCC LPG as the Association's newest member. Part of the FTSE 100 DCC plc group, DCC LPG is a leading LPG sales and marketing business with a global presence that brings over 40 years of industry experience to the Association.


KEW Technology & Circular Fuels

IDA member KEW Technology is one party to the recently announced joint venture with SHV Energy that established Circular Fuels Ltd, a company developing renewable DME production plants as part of a multimillion GBP£ investment to demonstrate the viability of converting renewable and recycled carbon feedstock into rDME.


Latest News

Collaboration to Evaluate rDME + LPG Blends in Latin America Announced

6 December 2021
Three leaders in their respective industries announce plans to evaluate and validate the material compatibility, safety, and performance attributes of a rDME-LPG blend for use in residential and commercial heating and cooking applications in Latin America.


US Department of Energy Funds rDME-to-Renewable Hydrogen Project

24 June 2021
Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oberon Fuels secure funding for an innovative project that would open up new feedstocks for cost-effective renewable hydrogen production.


First Commercial rDME Production Begins in the United States

10 June 2021
Oberon Fuels has announced that production of rDME has commenced at its recently upgraded facility in California, representing both the first commercial production of rDME in the US and the only current such production in the world.


New Joint Venture to Develop rDME Production Plants

3 June 2021
SHV Energy and KEW Technology have announced plans for a joint venture and multimillion GBP investment in a new company, Circular Fuels Ltd., to develop production plants converting renewable and recycled carbon feedstock into rDME.


Joint Venture Launched to Advance Production and Use of rDME

18 May 2021
Two of the world's largest LPG industry members have announced plans to enable and support developments for investment in rDME production capacity, infrastructure, regulations and standards.


Primagas to Build and Operate First rDME Fuel Station in Germany

19 April 2021
SHV Energy and Primagas have confirmed their support as logistics partners providing supply and delivery of 100% renewable DME (rDME) for two projects in Germany.


FPT Industrial Leads New DME Heavy-Duty Engine Project

21 January 2021
Global powertrain manufacturer FPT Industrial has announced that it will lead a project looking at DME's use as a diesel alternative in the industrial goods sector.


Commercial Operations Commence at First New Large-Scale DME Plant in the Americas

19 January 2021
Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited's plant, with an annual production capacity of one million tons of methanol and 20,000 tons of DME, is the first downstream plant in the country producing and utilizing methanol as a raw material.


DME Plans Progress in Indonesia

22 January 2021
The Indonesian government has announced the preparation of incentives to promote development of DME production in the country, in a move to reduce dependence on LPG imports.


Mobility photo © 2017 Ron Jautz
Power photo courtesy MAN